Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Checking In On Mebski Love

So... we know how Meron and Little Z-man are doing. Now it's time for a Mebski Love update...

Little Middle Mebbie is doing SPECTACULAR out here. She clearly lost ZERO of her fresh sense of style as we crossed the country. Looking dope Mebbie!

She just started homeschool pre-k again and is pretty excited about learning, learning and learning some more. She has a love for learning which I think is just cool.

She also managed to land a part-time gig as Flavor Flav's stunt double for the next Public Enemy tour. So that's looking like some fun...

All in all - Mebbie has adjusted GREAT. I think she may have been the most excited about our move here. The other night at prayer time she said:

"God - thank you for our move to Colorado. And I don't ever, ever wanna move away because I love it here so much!"
Sorry Colorado... looks like you're stuck with us!

Mebbie - daddy is SUPER proud of you girl! You've handled this move like a true champion and have helped us out sooo much. Keep doing what you do girl! Daddy loves you!

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