Sunday, January 26, 2014

Church Search 2014

Today we officially started the search for a new church home. I gotta be honest - I HATE this process. it's never fun and I gotta remember not to compare everything to our home of 8 years back in Atlanta - cuz truthfully not much will compare to what we had there...

But we dressed our crew up and headed out. We have been blessed to have a bunch of recommendations from people and we have a good sized list we are going to hit over the next bunch of Sundays.

So heads up Colorado Springs - Camp Hoffman is coming your way. You'll likely recognize us as we drag a kid or two behind us and rush to get our diaper bag that we forgot in the car and TRY to look all calm and reserved and not intimidated by waltzing into a new church as complete strangers...

Yeah - if you see that - that's US.

Honestly though - today went really well. We enjoyed the service - and as a dad - I gained a ton of confidence from the confidence this crew of little homies showed. They love and support each other SOOOO much. They are just there for each other and it shows.

I couldn't help but be confident as part of their posse.

Way to go guys - let's do it again next week!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh I hate church searching. It is the WORST!