Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daddy Daughter Donut Day

So... today was the first day of orientation at my new job. Starting at 7:45 AM. It was also "Daddy Daughter Donut Day" at Meron's school starting at 8:15 AM.

But of course it was. Cuz theres nothing more awkward than asking your brand new employer if you can miss the beginning of your very first day of orientation.

But here is where Compassion isn't just holistic in their mission towards rescuing kids from poverty - but in their relation with their employees as well. Not only did they allow me to come to this event so Meron wasn't without a daddy on her second week in a new school - they INSISTED on it and went to whatever length to make sure it could happen.

So i got to walk this cute girl to school this morning. I love this time with her. She's so grown up yet still EVERY BIT a daddy's girl. I love it.

I got to hang out with her in her class - meet some of her new friends and their dads AND get to eat delicious donuts. It was a GREAT morning.

All the kids made "Super Hero" books about their dads that included these most excellent drawings...

As well as some narrative on us. I love this thing. I will keep it forever.

And I'll tell ya what - my daughter thinks I am a Super Hero. And that's not something I take very lightly. Whether it's spinning Zechie in a basket, running fast or holding the whole family - I will do my very best to live up to what she thinks of me. I'll fall short regularly. But her heart is enough reason to keep getting up and trying...

Tonight - at prayer time - she thanked God for "the time spent this morning with my daddy - because I love him so much."

It was a simple thing... and it mattered SO MUCH to her. None of that is lost on me - every single thing we do as a parent is so important to them.

Meron - this morning meant more to me than you'll probably ever know. You're the super hero in my book girl... I LOVE YOU!


Aaron Harrison said...

he can lift.......... my dog lol.

Trish said...

What a beautiful post. The love in your family shows. Thank you for sharing. It looks like Colorado is suiting you all well.