Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy "Got Here On Earth" Day!

Today was this girl's birthday. Her "I Got Here On Earth!" day. As I usually do to celebrate special days - i dropped a little rhyme on her today... and then we hit a new brewery she found and had a good old family celebration...

she cleans poopy diapers, she's a dirty butt wiper,
she can calm kids when hyper, she's a discipline sniper;

she cooks every day - not just once but three times,
she puts up with my nonsense (and a lot of it rhymes);

she's a runner, a driver, a dot.com survivor,
when the fridge is on "low" she's a pantry Macgyver;

her heart is so full of her love for her God,
and it shows in her love for those here and abroad;

she has passion, and courage and faith that I envy,
and she's loved by so many cuz her love is so plenty;

her values are solid and her morals we try to model,
her outlook on life we just wish we could bottle;

she's sunny, she's funny, and real good with money,
she's cute like a bunny and sweeter than honey;

she's out of my league - fact, she's several above me,
It's a sheer act of God that this hottie could love me;

as a family we cherish her and hold her up high,
we can't do life without her - wouldn't even wanna try;

So today we will celebrate her "I got here on earth day!"
And let her know how she's loved - have a great happy birthday!

I think she is so kind that she sort of tolerates my rhymes... but THIS is what she really wanted for her birthday!

time with these guys!

after dinner it was "jammies and presents!" on mommy's bed...

there were awesome cards...

lots of kisses...

fantastic artwork...

and just plain old cuteness...

Lots of "ohhh - i want a picture with mommy!"

and "Me too! Me too!"

There was chocolate (that mommy better hide!)...

and a card from me with HOT in big, red letters cuz the girls lose their minds when I say that mommy is HOT! (so of course I do it all the time now...)

And then there was this cake. Little Meron plotted for days to get this and get it right complete with candles and everything.

Sorry mommy - we gave up your age!

Truth is Laura - you don't look anywhere NEAR 39 - and ya don't act it either.

You're my best friend, the most amazing mother, the best team mate and somebody that I simply could not function without.

God spent some extra time when He built you - most likely cuz He knew you'd be dealing with me.

Whatever the reason... I am SO GLAD He made you.

I love you birthday girl...

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