Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

We absolutely LOVE this girl right here. We adore her.

She loves God, loves people and has made it to 19 YEARS OLD and not given in to the pressures of this fallen world we live in.

I'm not saying she's perfect... I'm just saying she's AWESOME!

And today - she turned 19 years old. I can't even wrap my simple mind around that. 19 years ago I was a bumbling, stumbling 21 year old and God built this girl and brought her into my life. This niece of mine was the first kid who had a profound impact on me and the way I looked at things. I would have (and still would!) do absolutely anything to protect her.

Well - last week we just so happened to be crashing at her house for a few days while we made our way cross country... and we decided to do something we hardly ever do. Not only were we ON TIME for her birthday this year - we were even EARLY!

So we opted to have a little impromptu birthday party!

Her mom helped us out by scoring some incredible cupcakes!

Pretty sure Meron approved and was excited!

Next - we hit her with a surprise rendition of "Happy Birthday!

We didn't wanna overwhelm her as she marched towards old age - so we went with a single candle - virtually guaranteeing a wish come true on that blow out!

We even had gifts for her. On time. I repeat - ON TIME.


We are so blessed to call you family and here's to hoping you have another hundred of these birthdays!

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