Monday, January 13, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Dear Meron ~

Tomorrow you start school in a brand new place almost 2,000 miles away from everything that was normal to you. Everything that was comfortable to you. Everything that felt safe.

And I know first-hand how scary and intimidating that can be girl. Because today - daddy did the same thing at his new job.

But it got me thinking. God doesn't want us to live normal, safe, comfortable lives. He wants us to take some risks filled with courageous faith. To be willing to put ourselves out there all in the name of Him.

Tomorrow you're doing that big girl. And this daddy right here could not be more proud of you Meron.

I want you to take your big, sassy, bubbly, God-loving, fun, sweet personality into that new school and turn it up to 11. I want there to be NO DENYING the fact that there is absolutely something different about this new girl in the class - and we all know what (or should I say who) that is!

Go in there and shine bright like a diamond for Him baby girl!

Everywhere you go you bring joy and smiles. Your old schoolmates have contacted us and said things like:

"The classroom just isn't the same without Meron here!"
They even sent you off with a Flat Stanley to introduce him to your new place!

That's him right there.

And then - today - your Granny offered to take you out to lunch afterwards to celebrate your first day of school and you responded with:
"I want my daddy to be there too. can we do a celebration dinner instead and celebrate my first day of school and daddy's second day of work?"
Your heart is gigantic Meron. And you got this daddy's heart all wrapped up in a knot.

You take that smile, that joy, that love, that heart for Jesus into that classroom tomorrow girl and you simply cannot go wrong.

I'm your biggest fan and I'll be cheering and praying for you all morning long tomorrow.

I love you Meron.

Love ~ Daddy

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