Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spoiled, Blessed and Thankful

Man... we have been spoiled and blessed by these guys here for sure. Who else would let us roll in - full family in tow - big Golden Retriever dog included - and take over part of their house for a few days?

Who else would spoil us and take us out to a big fat dinner at a cool Japanese steak house?

Who else would drop everything they were doing to welcome us in for a few days of relaxation?

Who else would save us several days worth of hotel fees by giving us free reign of their house?

These guys would... that's who.

Mathis crew - your selfless acts of kindness have NOT gone unnoticed.

And trust us - there is NOWHERE we'd rather stop to relax and refuel then here with you guys.

We owe you one! Promise to get out to Colorado ASAP!

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