Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Ain't Georgia, Y'all

We started the morning out on an incredibly desolate, flat and truthfully - SCARY stretch of road in Texas. I am pretty sure I saw Leatherface at least three or four times.

Slowly but surely though - that flat skyline started getting some bumps and some snow. And some cool looking landscapes!

Then... we stopped to take a potty break and saw this. Huh? While peeing? HELP!

That was after passing the sign that said:

"Motorists: Do NOT pick up hitchhikers in this area. Correctional facility nearby."
Yep... we ain't in Georgia any more people.

Just to drive home that fact - we saw this sign...

And then this sign!

And then we got REALLY HIGH...

As we drove into our new home state.

And then - as if to prove hospitality isn't just alive in the south - several of our local friends were texting us and encouraging us the whole day - super excited for our arrival.

And then there's this girl. Brandi. She had a meal cooked for us, a snow shovel for me to borrow and she gave up the majority of her house for our entire camp to crash in tonight (including Clay Bear) because our stuff doesn't arrive until tomorrow.

Seriously... we may not be in Georgia right now - but God has gone before us to Colorado and blessed us with some pretty incredible people right off the bat.

"THANK YOU!" doesn't seem like enough - but we are one grateful family tonight...

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Evan said...

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains!

A few years ago I contacted you about our sons and how my son was born on January 9th in Shenshicho Ethiopia. I have been thinking of Brighton for days and thanking God for giving him such a wonderful family who would carry on the LORD's work in his memory. What an amazing testament to God's grace and healing power! May God be with you as you remember your dear son, and may He be with you as you settle in to a new home, state, Mountain life.
Hey, your closer to us now(we're in Montana) maybe we'll meet sometime :)