Sunday, February 9, 2014


Today was one of those weird weather days here... and by "weird" I mean crazy. I had gone for a run and it was GORGEOUS out - warm, sunny - just gorgeous. So we decided to pack up the crew and head to Garden of the Gods for a little family hike.

As we got closer and closer (it's about 10 miles from our house) the car's outside temperature reading kept dropping and dropping... until it settled on a nice balmy 20 degrees.

Luckily we came semi-prepared. Cuz it was freezing people!

Well - some of us did. The others just ran to stay warm...

And even though our hike was cut short - we're glad we came - because this place looks drastically different with some snow! It's like a winter wonderland. It's simply beautiful!

On the way out we decided to circle back through one more time just to gaze at God's handiwork... and that's when we saw it.

At first i thought it was a deer - but it's ears were bigger... and then it moved... LIKE A FREAKING KANGAROO.

I was certain there'd be a little joey sticking his weird donkey head outta the belly pouch. As he passed by right in front of our car I didn't see one - but I can't rule it out for sure.

Call me crazy - but he was clearly some sort of Donkey - Llamma - Deer - Kangaroo hybrid let loose in the mountains of Colorado.

These pictures do him no justice at all - this mountain marsupial literally bounded straight up in the air on all fours as he moved. Weird...

We also saw this guy and about 5 of his friends just chilling right by the road. Big horn sheep, indeed!

Luckily - and primarily for Laura's sake - we did NOT see any of these. If the cold keeps 'em away - I'll take the cold!

Thankful tonight - for a family full of adventurous spirit!

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Katherine said...

That was a mule deer you all saw!