Tuesday, February 25, 2014

God Writes On His Hands

When you do something every single day for a long time you start to lose sight of how cool it is. That happened to me this week...

See - Laura posted this adorably cute video of Zechie giggling at bedtime - and that's what I saw - him giggling at bedtime. But then I saw all her friends commenting on what she was saying to him:

"You are not forgotten! God knows your name and it's written on the palm of His hands!"
And I remembered just how beautiful this is. We've been saying this to all of our kids, every single night since they got home. Meron and Mebbie just flat out answer us back now. We say "Are you forgotten?" and they immediately respond with:
"No! because God knows my name and it's written on the palm of His hands!"
I had forgotten how sweet, precious and life-giving this truth was until Laura posted that video last week...

Check it out...

Speak truths into your kids hearts - let them have that there forever as they head out into life. It's valuable. And invaluable. All at the same time.

Meron, Mebbie, Zechie... you guys are surely not forgotten... and I am so thankful that you know that!

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