Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kids-tematic Theology

I am not sure of the trail that led us there but tonight at the dinner table we had some SERIOUSLY deep questions coming up about God.

So we did what any loving set of parents would do and we tossed them a Systematic Theology book and said:

"Have at it guys. Start a small group, dig in and do life together. Let us know when you get it all figured out..."
Look at poor Zechie - either Systematic Theology terrifies him or he is perplexed by what "do life" means.

Just kidding. I wouldn't toss that book at my kids - Wayne Grudem's heaviness coupled with 1,291 pages would make throwing that at somebody a punishable offense.

Nope... instead we tossed that book to the side and just opened our ears to what they were asking. Things like:
"Where exactly IS heaven?"

"Can satan get inside my heart?"

"How do we know good from evil?"

"Do bad people just stay here on earth forever?"

"Can satan go to heaven if he is nice?"

"Can satan make himself look like a person?"

"Does satan have soldiers?"

"If I see people being mean to somebody and I kick the mean person in the booty, does that make me mean?"
And this is just a sampling - some of these led to some incredible discussions - some deeper and more logical discussions than I have had with adults around the same topics!

They even got tricky on me and turned one of my questions around on me:
"okay daddy - let's say YOU were walking home and you saw somebody being bullied by other people. What would you do?"
I told them I have a hard time seeing injustice and not feeling compelled to act - so I said "Yes, daddy would jump in and at least try to help."
"But what if that was just satan pretending to be a person getting bullied? You just helped satan. What then?"
Whew... I dunno girl!

Through it all we ended up having a GREAT conversation about God, about sin, about temptation, about grace, about the Holy Spirit, why Jesus had to die and why we should live like God asks us to.

As I was hugging them before bedtime and prayers, Meron whispers to me:
"I love you more than anything Daddy. More than anything... well except God. I love Him most."
Music. To. My. Ears.

We're shaping our kids' world view and lives simply by living. Simply by being who we are we are setting foundations for who they can be. Sometimes it's best to stomp out the book smarts and talk to them from the heart.

They processed some heavy stuff tonight... couldn't be more proud of these little minds chasing after Him!

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