Friday, February 7, 2014

Mail Like They Used To Do

The mailboxes are kinda weird here - they're not near your house. They're kinda clustered every so often sort of like apartments. I like it because it gives me a chance to walk with the girls every day down to get the mail.

And today - when we opened that fun little box - this little gem was waiting inside! There was also one addressed to Zechariah and one for Mebrate. Watching them get so excited I vaguely remembered what it was like to get mail that was something other than a bill.

Some of our good friends from back in Atlanta had taken the time to put pencil to paper and had sent the girls some letters. I loved it. They loved it...

My favorite line might have been:

"What is in Colorado?"
All kinds of stuff Sophs - get your mommy and daddy to bring ya out here and we'll show ya!

Seriously Team Radicchi - THANK YOU!

Your simple act of kindness MADE. THEIR. DAY.

We miss you guys.

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