Friday, February 14, 2014

Postal Encouragement

When I started blogging some 6 years ago I was pretty firm that I wasn't about to become one of those "crazy bloggers." I was doing it to keep our family in the loop of our adoption process. That's all. I had no idea it would turn into 2,209 posts and a daily snapshot of our lives over the last several years.

I had no idea that anybody anywhere would even care about the crazy antics of our little goofballs and the ins and outs of this journey that God has had us on. And at times - it's been exhausting - and more than once I have almost thrown in the towel.

Then things like today happen.

We opened the mailbox to a package addressed to us this afternoon. It included those 3 incredibly beautiful and awesome handmade winter hats that our crew is rocking right there.

Beautiful hats with a BEAUTIFUL New York Yankees logo right in the middle.

Handmade by somebody we have never met but who simply has been reading our blog and wanted to bless us with the skills God has given them.

We are humbled. Humbled that somebody would care. Humbled that somebody would take the time to put forth such effort for us. But mostly humbled that God would use our little goofy family in big ways for Him.

See - they also included a letter with the hats. A two page, typed letter full of love, authenticity, transparency and heart for Him and His children.

They shared a lot about their hearts in that letter - and though that's not my story to tell - at the end they signed it like this:

And that right there is more than enough encouragement to keep on blogging.

Every single night - without fail - I pray the exact same words at the end of our family prayer time:

"God - give us wisdom and discernment in our actions and words so that we may glorify YOU in all we do both individually and as a family."
And though i trust Him with full faith to do that - tonight He gave us some confirmation.

Ia - thank you SO MUCH for the generous and kind gifts for our kids. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind things you have said time and time again about our family.

But mostly - thank you for allowing Him to use you to give some encouragement to our little camp here tonight. Means the world to us...

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susan said...

God is using you in ways you will never know this side of heaven. Keep fighting the good fight.
What awesome hats and a powerful reminder of how our lives can and do impact others.