Monday, February 3, 2014

Sharing Her Heart

This was Meron on Sunday afternoon. Eating snow. Playing in the snow. Burying herself in the snow. Just being an all-around snow queen. If you'd have told me the thoughts that were bumping around in her head I probably would have laughed at ya...

Lemmee rewind... two weeks ago after church, Mebbie came out of her class and told us all the story they had been studying in class - about Jesus healing the deaf and mute man. It's a crazy story cuz ya know it involves fingers in ears and spitting on tongues and stuff.

It was a 5 minute share at best in the van and I would have put good money on the fact that Meron was not even listening.

Fast-forward to tonight. Everybody else was in bed so Meron got a little mommy/daddy time alone - we all prayed together and afterwards a sleepy Meron was in my lap when she matter-of-fact like said:

"Daddy - remember that story Mebbie told us about Jesus and the deaf guy? I told my class that today."
Uh... huh? I said "Wait... you told your school class that?"

She said "yes."

I had seen her school newsletter earlier in the day and knew they were talking about things like sign language and communication methods and stuff. I asked her how that came up for her to talk about it. She said:
"Well - we were talking about these things called hearing aids... and I just raised my hand and told the class that story about Jesus healing a man who couldn't hear."
Again - with the matt-of-fact approach like it ain't no thing to be dropping some Jesus knowledge all up in the public school that can't pray or teach the bible.

I couldn't stop telling her how proud of her I was. I asked how the class reacted and she said:
"They all just kinda looked at me like... 'uhhhh'"
I couldn't be any more proud of this girl if I tried.

Not because I am some maniacal bible-thumping crazy man trying to spread the word (though i do believe it should be shared) - but more so because my little girl who is crazy, wild and seems to barely listen to us - heard God tap her on the heart and with courage and faith she stood up and shared it.

Meron - there's big people who won't do that - who would rather shy away than run the risk of public ridicule while glorifying God.

In a culture that seems to find it cool to hate God - I am SOOO blessed to be in a family with some kids who hear Him, listen to Him... and SHARE HIM.

We pray every single night for God to give us wisdom and discernment so that we may glorify Him in our words and actions.

You did it with both today Meron! We love you big girl!

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