Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Pants

Tonight we are thankful for the gift of snow pants from Grandma Judy at Christmas time! Snow pants opened all kinds of doors...

With snow pants you can just sit in the snow. No wet booties. Just sit there.... cuz ya can!

Snow pants allow ya to swing on swings that would otherwise be cold and wet. GO SNOW PANTS!

Snow pants allow ya to throw down with some SERIOUS snow angel action. Try that in jeans.

Snow pants allow ya to come down your favorite slide even when it is filled with about 10 inches of snow. +10 points for snow pants!

Snow pants allow ya to stay warm while your daddy asks you and your sister to sit on a cold, snowy metal bench for a cool picture. Daddy thanks ya snow pants!

Unfortunately - snow pants don't help with the rosey red cheeks that all that snow pants fun end up giving ya!

Who cares though?! Cuz tonight... snow pants equaled TONS OF FUN!

Thanks Grandma Judy for the warm and fun hook up!

1 comment:

Angela said...

These are great pictures! We seriously needed some snow pants, snow boots this week. We had some cold booties and toes around here! Miss you guys!