Monday, February 24, 2014

The Children Were Nestled, All Snug In Their Beds...

This was a "blog by meron" - she called me in and said:

"take a picture of us like this and show everybody how we sleep - make it your blog!"
So here we are.

When we first moved here - new house, new town - the idea of separating everybody up at night didn't seem appealing to us. So - as crazy as it seems - we decided to let ALL THREE goofballs sleep in one room.

They were down for it - i think it made them feel safe to be all together like that.

Of course this is all staged here - Z-dawg sleeps in his crib and the girls have their beds side by side - we're waiting for a more permanent residence before we set the gigantic castle bunk beds back up.

And they are still loving it - no desire to change the set up any time soon.

Matter of fact - sometimes on the weekends we'll come into find Meron IN the crib with Zechie, just hanging out with him.

They love each other and they love sharing a room and looking out for each other. They make each other feel safe.

And I love that.

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Shari U said...

There's nothing more beautiful than that!