Friday, February 28, 2014

Time To Eat The Donuts

Laura took these two wanna-be fish out for a night of swimming tonight. And since we've been doing a lot of talking about "calories in - calories out" around here - we decided to give them a little treat after their hour-plus workout in the water.

Laura has fond memories of her mom taking her swimming and then treating her to a donut afterwards... so we decided to take it one step further... DONUTS FOR DINNER!

Ummm.... to say they were pumped up is an understatement.

I love that Laura wants to create special memories for these guys.

Good work tonight girls burning off those calories - daddy is already planning what dinner looks like next time!


Anonymous said...

Those kids sure do know how to smile! I love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family..

We have donuts sometimes for dinner too.. Krispy Kreme!
So glad you don't judge:)


Tymm said...

What Sheri?!?!?! You feed your kids donuts for dinner? How dare you... :)

Wait... Krispy Kreme aren't just donuts - pretty sure those are a nutritional food group all of their own.

Next donut day will be KK we hope - not one very close but it's worth the trip!