Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bike Talk

Oh that face...

I don't know if I'll ever be able to adequately put into words what God did for my soul, my heart, my life... when He brought this little girl into our lives. He changed me. Through her. And I'll forever, ever, ever be grateful.

Maybe one day she'll read all of this craziness on the blog and be able to discern just what she meant to me all these years.

It's not something you easily explain to a 6 year old - even though every single day you see more and more of God in her.

Today we went for a bike ride. Just me and her.

We rode all the way out to this bench here that overlooks the Air Force Academy and has an amazing backdrop of beauty.

We pulled the helmets off, cuddled up in the strong wind, shared some water and just chatted.

I talked to her about God, who He made her to be, about the incredible big sister she is and how big of a responsibility that was.

She smiled, nodded, snuggled in a little closer and talked to me about what was for dinner, whether or not she earned a Starbucks snack and the fact that spring break ended today and school starts back up tomorrow.

We even managed to have a passing hiker snap a pic of us before we saddled back up for the ride out...

As parents we often focus so hard on the influence we have and are supposed to have on our kids - and don't get me wrong - that is really important.

But sometimes I wonder how many of us miss the impact they have on us...

She doesn't have a clue about that right now. I pray one day God reveals it all to her.

Thank You God for this little girl of yours. I love you both so much.

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