Thursday, March 20, 2014

Come So Far

Today I had the privilege of going to school with this big girl for her first real deal parent-teacher conference...

I spent the morning kinda studying her report card... and at one point I messaged Laura and said:

"Man... I am so proud of this girl... she did GREAT in her new school..."
And I mean it - I couldn't be any more proud or any more lucky to be this little girl's daddy.

WARNING: bragging post. feel free to surf away...

The thing is - all these little milestones in life - they all mean something and as parents we SHOULD celebrate 'em and brag on our kids...

Ya know what it does to me every time we reach one of these little life milestones with our kids? It makes me think back... think back to the obstacles the world tried to place in front of them.

I think back to this day...

And how even at 8 months old - with so much change, fear and unknown set out before her - this little champion looked it right in the face with a smile. And hasn't stopped tackling the world yet.

I'd love to say we had something to do with it - but truth is - God built this little girl to be redeemed, restored, revived and to take on the world.

I'm just lucky to have a ring-side seat.

She's not that little tiny girl any more - but she still fits in my arms.

And she's still fearlessly taking on the world with a gigantic smile and a heart to match.

Meron - your mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud of you if we tried.

I can't wait to see the eternal mark you leave on the world.


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