Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Done Deal

I've been struggling lately. Struggling with a world that has lost reverence for what took place at the cross. And I'm including me here too. And I wanna change that.

I think more often than not we place more respect, value and dare I say "reverence" on transactions that involve the exchanging of money than THE ONE that involved the exchanging of a life for our own.

I mean - I've done it for sure. At times I've been guilty of finding more glee in a cup of coffee purchased for me than my own life being bought. That ain't right.

"But Tymm... come on man... it's different..."
Problem is... no. It's not.

It's the transaction of all transactions. It was even declared as such with the last words Jesus spoke from the cross.
"It is finished."
or "Tetelestai" in Greek.

Ya know what that word really means? That single Greek word in the perfect passive indicative grammatical structure?
The perfect tense indicates that the progress of an action has been completed and the result of that action is ongoing and with full effect. The passive voice indicates that the subject of the sentence is being acted upon, and the indicative mood indicates a statement of fact or an actual occurrence from the writer's or speaker's perspective.
Deep, huh? read it again and let it resonate.

Jesus was talking about more than His life or the gruesome act of crucifixion when he declared "It is finished." He was talking about the transaction that had to happen for my life, your life, everybody's lives... to see eternity.

Another way to look at it is this: The word Tetelestai was also written on business documents or receipts in New Testament times to indicate that a bill had been paid in full.

And there ya have it. Bill's been paid. Do we just say "Thanks Jesus!" and mosey on with life - the very life He just bought us - and not treat it with the utmost dignity and do everything in our power to shout about Him?

I posted this video on Facebook yesterday but it's worth me posting here again so I can keep it and watch it when I am inclined to see ANY earthly transaction with more reverence than I do the one that bought my life.

I'm not saying don't be thankful for cups of coffee, lunches bought for us or any other kind gesture towards us on earth. What I am saying is what Jesus did at the cross was BILLIONS times more than just a kind gesture.

And we should treat it as such.

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