Friday, March 14, 2014

My Grown Up Running Buddy

I invited this girl along on my run today. I told her it was gonna be an 8 miler - a little longer than usual and she might get bored. Her response:

"Someone's gotta come with you daddy - I don't want you to be alone!"
I love her big ole gigantic heart...

I decided to stash the headphones and just chat it up with my little middle girl. And if you know Mebbie - you know chatting is one of her spiritual gifts!

We had some great conversation!

I stopped a few times to bundle her up with a blanket cuz it was getting chilly - and I was kinda taken aback by how much she has grown up. My little Mebbie is getting all big and grown... STOP!!!

Mebbie - thank you so much for keeping me company for 8 long miles and turning my run into an upper body workout as well...

Oh and Mebbie - STOP GROWING UP... or it's time out!

Daddy loves you so much girl...

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