Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Mebbie was the first little Hoffman to have a dope little homecoming video. And I turned that thing around fast too - like the week of her coming home...

Then it was Z-Dogg. BOOM - his was done in like the first week as well.

But for some reason... no Meron video. Not sure why. Life I guess. Ya know? Flag football, three kids, Brighton Their World - oh I got a million excuses...

And honestly - she never seemed to care. Not an excuse - but she really didn't... on the OUTSIDE.

She always begged to watch Mebbie's video - she loves it so much. But she never really questioned or protested the fact that she didn't have one.

Well tonight - we had an in-house premiere and we got to show her this:

And wow... had I missed it.

For the first time in... I dunno... EVER - she was an emotional wreck. Big ole tears streaming down her face. Those of you who know Meron well - you know this is not like her at all.

She couldn't tell us why - just said she loved the video and her heart felt a certain way. So we watched it multiple times. Tears streaming down all of our faces. And I hugged her.

And apologized for taking so long on her video.

Then we prayed and as that ended there were more tears. So we headed to the bedroom and as I tucked her in she grabbed me and pulled me close to whisper something in my ear. Then she stopped and said it was "too embarrassing."

So she plugged her ears so she couldn't hear herself and whispered:

"I'm crying because that video makes me miss Brighton so much..."

Me too Meron. Every single day... me too.

I know I posted it on Facebook a couple times - but here's Meron's precious homecoming video on here too - so I can always come back to watch it...

Meron - God made a game changer when He built you. And mommy and daddy are just so thankful He chose us to be your parents.

I'm so sorry this took so long sweetie - but I hope it's worth it.

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