Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meron's Life Line Project

So this project came home in Meron's backpack last week. With words like "baby book" and "baby pictures" in there it set off all kinds of alarms in my protective daddy persona.

After praying it over a bit - I emailed her teacher and was just honest...

"How is this going to be presented?"

"Are her peers going to be allowed to ask anything they want?"

And so on and so forth. I ended it with:

"I hope you see where we're coming from. Meron's life - every second of it - is something that is precious. And it's not at all our intention to keep it hidden - however we also feel that it being played out on a "large piece of white paper" in front of the class isn't the best approach for her either. "
Her teacher was awesome - she immediately reached back out to us, called Laura and really put us at ease. And then she said something that just brings me to tears to even think about. She said:
"I'm not worried about Meron. She is fiercely proud of her story, of her life. And she has made it very clear that she knows that God put her right where she was supposed to be."
Relief rushed over me.

It was as if God patted me on the back and said "Slow down daddy - she's okay..."

So this weekend - she and I had a great time piecing this thing together.

She was WAY into it and not hesitant at all to include the unique parts of her story.

At first I felt myself trying to push her towards life things like riding a bike or going to the beach...

And she did include those...

But she also included her Hoffman beginning. Cuz it's important to her...

Her lifeline included:
- I came home to Georgia.
- My M&M Party!
- We went to Disney!

- I went to the beach.
- I rode my bike!
- I moved to Colorado.

Lesson learned? Ease up Dad.

All those prayers I prayed about her heart and God's protection and what not... He heard 'em.

Meron - your life line is BEAUTIFUL and I am so blessed to have been a small part of it all!

Can't wait to see what all comes next...

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