Monday, April 21, 2014

The Body At Work

Tonight our whole family was given an awesome opportunity to go do what I feel like Jesus intended for us to do in His name. At least part of the time.

No - we weren't picketing something or touting laws. We weren't even stuffing our faces with Chick Fil A. Cuz that ain't the kind of work He is in to.

Nope - instead we hopped in the car as a family - drove to another family's house that we had never met - got to know them a bit and hear about their needs - then stood around them, placed our hands on them and prayed with them.

A couple weeks ago - some friends of ours in Atlanta who we love and respect and who have poured so much love into us - reached out to us and asked if we would go pray for their dear friend who had fallen sick by some freak reaction to medicine. I'm talking hospital, liver shutting down kind of sick.

First of all - that they would even ask us to do this - is quite possibly one of the most humbling things ever. They trusted us with their dear friends. But more than that - they trusted our relationship with God.

So of course we jumped at the opportunity to do this - and as God would have it - He blessed us FAR more than we could have ever blessed them.

We left that house and talked about them the whole way home. We prayed for them again at bedtime. Cuz this camp believes in it! Prayer... IT WORKS.

I'm super proud of my family tonight - every last one of them circled up for that prayer and ya know - that ain't an easy thing to do. In a world that says "keep your faith private" my little camp is practicing making it public.

I love them so much.

And to our new friends we prayed with tonight - here's to healing and a story that brings ridiculous amounts of GLORY TO GOD!

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