Thursday, May 8, 2014

Breakfast Company

Right after we got the second vehicle - Meron told me she wasn't very happy that we had another car now. When I asked her why, she said:

"Because that means you'll leave early now and I won't get to see you before work."
I did not realize she enjoyed that time in the morning as much as she did.

No worries I told her - we would do breakfast once a week before work together.

She. Was. PUMPED.

She counted down the days until this morning and then met me in the hallway without even needing to be woken up!

I had prepped the cereal boxes and she couldn't contain her smile.

She pulled up her stool and jumped right in... getting both of our bowls ready.

And then I had the best 10 minutes of conversation imaginable... with one of my favorite people on the planet.

We will be doing this again - that's for sure. I think I enjoyed it more than she did.

Our attention. An Ear. A shared laugh. A morning hug.

That's what our kids want from us.

Thank you Meron for helping daddy realize this wasn't about breakfast at all - but about the very best thing I could ever give you... my time.

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