Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Camp Hoffman West

Today - after a couple months of looking and praying and seeking Him in it - we signed about 3 trillion papers and locked down the spot where Camp Hoffman West will hang up our hats and call home for now.

The house is cool - but the relationships we made while finding and buying it are what really stand out for us.

From the very first contact in the neighborhood to our mortgage lender agent to our Realtor - God specifically brought these people in to our path. All Christians. All honest and trustworthy. And... ALL members of the church we attend (unbeknownst to us).

God's crazy. He has had this whole thing planned out far before we even imagined it. he just let's us think we are doing things to make us feel good!

The new neighborhood was having a "s'mores night" so we went over to celebrate tonight.

But first we stopped by the house...

The girls did cartwheels in the empty living room...

While mommy checked out her new kitchen!

But then we got down to the reason we came over...

We walked through the whole house and prayed over all the rooms.

We asked God to come live here with us - asked Him for the same protection and love and joy he gave us in Georgia.

We also asked Him to bring Brighton into this new house. Leaving his room in ATL was tough - so we prayed for a new found presence of his spirit here.

I ain't gonna lie - this was hard. There were tears. Lots of 'em. But God is good and if He has taught us anything it's how much He LOVES family! So we brought it in tight - family hugged it out - and made it through it all.

Finally we rolled out and headed home...

And God winked at us over the mountains as we drove.

God - we are serious in our prayers - guide us - lead us - and use this house that we so do not deserve to help us write a story that brings You glory.

Looking forward to this next chapter with my favorite people on the planet!

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Praying for you guys as you transition to a new home I am sure the last months have been exhausting. Excited though that you can settle in now.