Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrating Awesomeness

Laura's awesomeness is so easy to celebrate - and the goofball gang wanted to do it big.

They started out the day with your standard fare - breakfast made for her (not in bed though we tried...) and some Mommy Day goodies like a Starbucks card, some chocolates, a candle and a coupon for a day out at the spa.

Then it was a performance by the girls - a song that Meron had written for mommy and had been practicing for like a week. The lyrics brought tears to my eyes:

"Happy Mother's Day... Mommy!
You're important to me... Yay, yay.
I couldn't wish for anything better... yay, yay."
To hear Meron sing that with all her heart - knowing that she sat and worked on it and practiced it with her little plastic guitar... GEESH!

I know I've been beating a dead horse lately - but tell me kids don't need the love of a family. Whew...

Then we quickly rushed off to our next party spot to spend some time celebrating here... do we know how to get down or what?

After we got an "all clear" it was off to lunch and home to watch the snow start to fall and just hang out.

This girl right here... I just can't say enough about her... or the mommy God built her to be. It started what feels like forever ago with that little dude in the frame.

And she hasn't stopped being a mommy to him since.

This morning I woke up with two lines to a poem jammed in my head and thinking about what Brighton would say to Laura on this mother's day. To me it was something like this:

from where I sit now I have the very best view,
and I've thanked God in person for giving me you;

You loved me so much that it just broke your heart,
But God put it back together piece by piece, part by part;

You prayed and you cared and my story you've shared,
And you did it with faith even though you were scared;

I watched as you cried on that day that I died,
I'm not supposed to tell you.. but I was there by your side;

So was God - He's the coolest - He held you up strong,
and He helped you see right when everything felt so wrong;

And my sisters and my brother? Man are they blessed,
They could have had anyone - but God gave them the best;

You're the best mommy ever, I miss you, I do,
But we'll be together in Heaven cuz guess what? It's TRUE!

Sometimes when I watch you I get kinda confused,
Cuz you act like an angel but you live on earth too;

And that's when God tells me that a few people He made,
Were built to reflect Heaven as part of His crusade;

And today on this day where we celebrate mommies,
Not all of us were grown inside our mommy's tummies;

But you mommy - you loved me - without ever touching,
And the fact is each day it's your heart that I'm clutching;

So when the world tries to get you - and it's grip tries to tighten,
Just remember you have an angel who loves you... named Brighton.

Happy Mother's Day Laura... you've redefined to me what a mommy can be...

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