Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field Day

Today was field day at Meron's school. And I am lucky enough to work somewhere that actually really cares about family - so i was able to slip out for a bit to see a little of it.

And right off the bat - my girl was LEAPING!


And with some encouragement from Mommy and Z-Dogg...

She was LOVING things!

She took some time to hydrate...

and cheer on her friends...

Before jumping right in to the tricycle races.

Which were... AWESOME!

Next it was the obstacle course - or what I like to call "Tough Mudder Training..."

Which of course...

she owned!


It even ended with a karate kick. I KNOW she loved that.

I had to slide out and head back to work after this. When I got home tonight I asked her which event was her favorite...

"All of them."
I hear ya girl... they did all look fun!

I love her adventurous spirit and willingness to give her all at whatever she is doing.

Way to go today big girl!

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