Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flyover Picnic

One of the perks of working in a building that overlooks the Air Force Academy for an organization that really cares about its employees is this: FLYOVER PICNIC.

On the Air Force Academy's graduation day - Compassion throws a big parking lot picnic, invites all employee's families and we all get to watch the Thunderbirds do some seriously cool stuff in the sky.

It starts with some visitors like this girl above...

And a sun-drenched Mebbie too!

And then the fun starts!

And these guys were awesome to watch!

Even upside down!

Little Z-Dogg was MESMERIZED!

And why not - the show was cool!

Meron loved it but had a few questions:

"Daddy... are those pilots scared when they shoot straight up like that and then fall down?"
"Ya know daddy - it doesn't seem fair really. That some air people get to fly these planes while some others just stand at that gate letting people in..."
Totally unfair Meron. Totally.

And then - about 30 minutes after it started - the Thunderbirds took their toys and headed home.

Here's to what hopefully becomes a new summer tradition for us!

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