Sunday, May 18, 2014

Her Heart For Compassion

As we were doing our "mad frenzied packing and cleaning" for the move - i came across these Child Sponsorship Packets that I had taken to Atlanta and nobody grabbed from me...

Meron was all kinds of intrigued by these and when I explained what they were and why I still had them - I could see the wheels start moving in her brain (and heart).

First I heard her ask Laura how many kids were in her class - and then I heard her scamper down the steps. She reappeared a few minutes later with a stack of paper and some Sharpies.

"What are you up to Meron?" I asked her.

"These kids need sponsors. So I am going to write these letters and tape them to the backpacks of all the kids in my class tomorrow. Then we can get these kids sponsored and a bunch more..."
She really wasn't interested in talking to me - she had a mission and she was focused on it.

It wasn't going fast enough for her - so she recruited some help...

And they got down to work!

They created a bit of an assembly line and shared the work - and soon all you heard was the squeaking of Sharpies as they churned out letter after letter...

Until they eventually had 15 of these!

We wanted to prep her for the reality of what might happen tomorrow so we told her she needed to show her teacher and ask her if they could be given out in backpacks. We told her she might say "No." and Meron both didn't understand that and didn't like that.

We give her some alternatives just in case - like handing them out in the pick up line to moms and she seemed cool with that.

I'm super curious to see how it goes down - they allow ya to stuff birthday party invites in there - so lets see what happens when it's something a bit more real!

Meron... regardless of what goes on at school with these - you have NO IDEA how proud your daddy is of you tonight.

You saw a need - you heard your heart (and listened) - you came up with a plan - you rallied people to help you - and you executed within scope of your mission.

And you glorified God in the process Meron. BIG TIME.

Sweetie - there isn't a thing you could ever learn in school that comes close to the love and compassion you displayed tonight.

I love you big girl...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you sure she is only six?!?!? So amazing that she came up with that idea all on her own. Absolutely beautiful. Clearly you guys are doing a wonderful job raising your kiddos and teaching them how to be compassionate Christians! I am impressed!