Saturday, May 17, 2014

Moving Day Treats

Man - our goofball brigade has been SO AWESOME the past few days while we have been feverishly trying to get everything moved over to the new crib.

I mean SOOOO good. So tonight - while Laura went out with a friend - i decided to surprise 'em with one of their favorite treats... FROZEN YOGURT.

The faces said it all . Meron was ASTOUNDED and pumped (can ya tell we don't do this often???)

Mebbie just kinda froze...

And Z-Dogg was just thrilled to be along for the ride peering down in to that cup like he had struck gold!

They deserved every sugary, brain-freezing bite tonight. They have been nothing short of amazing.

Little Hoffmans - mommy and daddy are super proud of you and thankful for your servant's hearts and attitude about helping out!

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