Friday, May 9, 2014

Muffins With Mom

Today Meron's school celebrated moms by hosting a "Muffins and Moms" morning. Meron was so excited...

Hats were encouraged - and Meron opted for matching scarves as well.

I love seeing these two together - smiling, laughing, shining... being them.

Of course Meron was super pumped about the muffin breakfast too!

And mommy was super pumped about some one-on-one time with this girl!

But the kicker was some artwork that the kids had made where they wrote down something special about their moms.

This is what Meron's said:

When I picked Laura up - she was almost in tears over this super, special gift from our girl:

"My mom is special because she taught me about God. I love her."
I mean... I was heading to a conference for work so I HAD to keep it together - otherwise this one would have had me in puddles.

Cuz it hit me right in the heart. It's our goal - our mission - in this house to teach these kids about God - to help them build their relationship with Him and to know Him like we have gotten to know Him.

And then - to top it off - tonight Meron explained the drawing to us:
"Oh - that's mommy on the right holding me when I was a baby. And that other one - that's Jesus."
Be. Still. My. Heart.

God - my prayer for the last 6 years for this girl remains the same - draw her near to You God and give Laura and me the words and wisdom to help guide her into who You made her to be.

It really seems like that's happening.

Thank you God and thank you meron for this precious glimpse into your heart!

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day!