Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Out of the Overflow of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks...

When I came down to do prayer time tonight - I found this one here leading the rest of the family in worship.

And not just any kind of worship...

I'm talking about "raise your hands, stomp your feet" kind of worship!

That eventually ended up in an all out "david danced right outta his clothes" kinda thing...

The dancing was fun to watch - but the words - HER own words - are what had me mesmerized...

"Everybody should praise Jesus!

We should all pray to God... we don't worship any other Gods, no idols or statues!

We should all love God and praise Him and worship him!"
And then... this one:
"We should all love God, the one true God - but if you decide not to - don't worry because He still loves you!"
Uh... yeah. She had me in a trance just enamored with her heart.

Afterwards I explained what it means to say that "out of our mouth comes what is in our hearts..." and I tried to convey just how incredibly proud of her I was. I absolutely LOVED what I was hearing.

In a world where we celebrate so many inconsequential things... this little girl was hearing Him. And THAT will ALWAYS be celebrated in this house!

Meron... you got two sets of little eyes and ears and hearts just staring at you girl. Studying you. Ready to follow your every move.

And ya know what? You're doing a pretty amazing job showing them what FRUIT looks like girl!

Daddy loves ya!

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