Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wild Blue Yonder

Today we headed over to the United States Air Force Academy to do some touristy stuff.

We spent some time wandering through the visitor's center and learning all about life as a cadet. The full-circle thing of it all is that i spent half my junior and most of my seniors years in high school trying to get into this place!

God knew what was best for me better than I did and i didn't get an appointment - but it was pretty neat to be on the base today and see the beauty of it all.

After the visitor's center - we walked over to the chapel...

Well - some of us walked. Others SPRINTED!

After a quick a pause where we saw some airplanes and tried hard to get Zechie to point and say "De plane! De plane!" (which he refused) - we headed on to the chapel...

This building is beautiful. Apparently it is the top man- made attraction in Colorado with close to 1 million visitor a year - and I can see why.

The inside - trimmed with stained-glass - is even more beautiful.

And on the second row - a rope is up to mark it as reserved and an eternal flame burns to honor those held as prisoners of war. It was pretty awesome to see.

Afterwards we hit a new burger and ice cream joint we've been wanting to try out...

And somebody enjoyed his very first milkshake - and realized they are one of the few ways in the new testament that God still speaks directly to His people.

Milkshakes. We love 'em.

After that it was home where we all kinda crashed after a long day of walking around!

Thanks Connie and Granny for finally giving us a reason to get out and see some of this beauty right down the street from us!

You can see it too - COME VISIT!

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Anonymous said...

Pepsi should pay y'all for that picture! They could use it in an ad!
Susie Sanders