Saturday, June 14, 2014

2,191 Days...

2,191 days. That's how long Meron Asher Hoffman has been in our family...

I feel like I can almost remember every single one of them too... oh wait - I can - because I blogged about them all!

It all started 6 years ago today - on Father's Day weekend - when we landed here in Ethiopia.

And right off the plane - we headed here;

We were ready to see our daughter but God had some plans before that - we needed to visit our son.

Emotions? Oh they were everywhere...

Then - after a short drive down the road - we wandered into a small room where a nanny walked in and handed us this little bundle of miraculous joy...

And all she said was:

"Here's Meron."
And ya know what? That was MORE than enough...

The amount of love God poured out on us in that moment has yet to be matched in our lives.

Man He cares about every little detail when it comes to His children.

And that love He gave us that day? It just continues to blossom!







Today - we celebrated "Meron Day" all day long with breakfast together, a fun family hike, swimming and dinner out.

We all went around the table and shared things we loved about Meron. And then she asked if she could share about us...

Her heart is enormous, This family is who we are today because God brought her to us.

Happy Meron Day sweet girl - I look forward to celebrating so many more of these with you!

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