Friday, June 20, 2014

Shining In The Shadows

Hey you over there... yeah you Mebbie!


Mebski Love!


I just want you to know I see you.

Daddy knows how hard it is living in the shadow of a big sister like Meron. Noise and attention just follow her. And I know you look up to her and have a heart that is so selfless and giving that you thrust her out in the limelight... ALL. THE. TIME.

But I want you to know that your Daddy SEES you over there girl.

And I want you to know how much your big sister loves her little sister. Tonight while you guys were doing your "show" for us I heard Meron say to you "Go ahead Mebbie - make some stuff up!" and your response was:

"No Meron - I just want to copy you!"
As you pushed her back out to front and center. I know how much you love her and want to imitate her and be like her.

But I also want you to know... that I see you.

I see you growing like a weed!

I see you losing teeth and looking adorable.

I see the gift God gave you to be creative coming out in your pictures and your great illustrations.

I see you loving your little brother every single day and helping him grow and learn.

I see you swimming and learning and getting ready for kindergarten.

I see you overcoming so many of the challenges you were confronted with when you first came home.

I see you loving your family with your whole, entire heart.

But most of all, sweetie - I see God in you. I see Him molding and shaping your heart, your values, your morals, your mind and your spirit.

I see it in your daily life.

I hear it when you pray such deep, heartfelt prayers for your entire family.

I see Him every single day in you, sweetheart. And I love it.

From one middle child to another - I just want you to know that you are seen. You are loved. You are adored.

Daddy knows that shadow is big girl... but the way you keep shining in it - at times I forget it's even there.

Keep shining Mebski Love.


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Anonymous said...

That was quite lovely. It made me tear up reading that.