Monday, June 9, 2014

Step Into My Shoes...

Today the goofball gang got to go be part of something really cool.

Compassion International was putting on what they call "Step Into My Shoes" and they had set aside two days for employee family members only.

For 3 hours - at the Global Ministry Center - our kids would get to experience what it was like to be a kid in a Compassion-sponsored area of the world.

World-view changing stuff folks - we were ALL about it.

Of course, it wouldn't be a visit to Compassion if they didn't set in the lap of Jesus. So that's where they started...

Next - they headed outside and were handed a clipboard and a pen.

First mission? Compare how they live daily life to how a child in an underdeveloped area may live theirs!

And even though it was freezing and windy (in June?) - the girls were bundled up and really into it!

Next they spent some time living like kids in the field might...

Gathering wood. Finding water. Making a living space.

And all without the help of their mom or dad who were out trying to earn a wage of course.

After this exercise - they got to go inside and actually Skype real-time with a Compassion Center in Honduras! The kids on both ends were super excited!

Meron even stood up and recited a bible verse on Skype! Go girl!

To hear the kids here in America singing

and then to have the kids in Honduras answer back:
"Praise ye the Lord!"
was nothing short of awesome!

Sooner than later it was all over and this crazy trio headed out for the day...

Better than they came in - and with God working on their hearts.

Mini-Hoffmans... I hope one day you look back on this stuff and can see how God was building you for the mission He has picked out for you already!

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