Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dude Day

Somebody got in a little trouble this morning and had to miss a scheduled swim date at the pool.

His punishment? Hang with daddy.

Since I didn't want him to think that hang time with daddy is punishment and no fun - we decided to get some guy time in together!

First we hit Target - cuz what self-respecting macho man doesn't love this store?

When we walked in the first words out of his mouth as he pointed excitedly towards the food side were:

"Daddy! Samples daddy! SAMPLES!"
So after chowing down on some chocolate covered pretzel samples, we bought the razors I needed (what we came for) and then cruised all the fun departments (electronics, automotive, toys) and even scored him a fun t-shirt on clearance.

We were off to a good start!

Next we dialed in a lifeline as Daddy was in need of some coffee in a bad way.

Z-Dogg hit me with the weird smile on the outside. Make that creepy. The creepy smile.

Inside we got to talk about adoption with a barista who had seen us previously and had some questions for us. Good stuff.

And then Z realized he was scoring a cup of whip cream... and the creepy smile faded to this:

Pure bliss.

Car wash was our next stop - well because - the van was FILTHY!

Well not anymore - after we enjoyed our treats while watching the car wash do its thing.

There were a lot of "ooohs!" and "ahhhhs!" from the backseat.

And a lot of big smiles from the front.

Fially - we wrapped our dude date with some fun daydream shopping at Bass Pro Shop.

There was a constant harmony of "Daddy - look!" as Zechie pointed out all the stuff that either excited him or he thought would excite me.

What started out as a discipline move ended up being several hours of great time with just Zechie. I rarely get this...

God - I am not sure why You chose me to be the daddy to this little guy - but I am forever humbled and thankful for it.

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Diana said...

I am SURE he will never "act up" again as his day of punishment with his wonderful dad looked liked no fun!!! :)
I never post comments but I have followed you forever and have so enjoyed watching your amazing family!!
You are GREAT parents with great kids!!!