Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Can Do It Daddy!

I have been sick the past few days and feeling beat down - so when she asked me if she could go running with me - the idea of pushing the B.O.B. stroller seemed terrible.

"Not today, sweetie..." was my reply to her.

The disappointment was visible as she dropped her head and walked into the other room, saying "Okay Daddy..."

Gosh darn heart snatcher.

I called her back in the room and said "Okay Meron - you can come..."

She rocked her fists and then I said "But no B.O.B. - go get your socks and running shoes on... think you can handle it?"

Honestly - I don't recall ever hearing her squeal like she did right then.

"I can do it Daddy!" she yelled back at me as she ran for her shoes.

She was so excited.

So we dropped the rest of the crew at the YMCA and we headed out on a trail. No easy thing either - some pretty steep hills.

She KILLED it.

We worked on pacing, took a few breaks when she needed it - but WE RAN TOGETHER.

No strollers. Nothing holding us down. Just me, her, the trail, cool air and views of God's mountains.

Meron - daddy is super proud of you girl. One of the best days of my life - hitting that trail with you and watching ya go.

Thanks God - for a pretty cool, unexpected blessing tonight.

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