Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Her Own Words

Ya can't do something every single day of somebody's existence without them taking note - such is the case with Meron and our blog. Tonight - she wanted to write it - so here it is - in her own words - her thoughts on some topics she came up with...

I love that they've always got my back. They always love me. We have so much fun together. We just do a lot of fun things as a family.

I think adoption is really neat and it's fun that you get to choose what country your kids come from and you get to see all kinds of different kids. And like - when you see all the different kids - and then you finally see the one that you're adopting... and you just love them because they are your kid!

I love God, um, He's very loving, He forgives you whenever you do something bad. He helps you through things.

I love that they're really fun to play with and easy to talk to. Well - Zechie's not so easy to talk to. I have a lot of fun with them. I love Brighton... he probably is really fun. I don't know because he died before my mom and dad could go get him.

It was really sad leaving our old home but we love our new home. Colorado is really fun... there are a lot of nice people... a lot of good schools... that's all I have to say about that.

Moving is really fun. You get to see all the different sites and things. The sad part is you leave your old home - but the happy part is you see your new home... and you love it so much.

I hope you love it. Love Meron.

Thanks Meron for writing the blog for me tonight - now you're on the hook girl and I am gonna want ya to come around here more often!

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pretty good kiddo!!