Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rap Olympics

This morning I texted Laura from work and said "Tell the girls I want a show tonight - tell them to practice it today and get it ready.."

They were pumped.

After dinner - we headed to the basement and I was assigned lighting duty. On their cue - I flicked them on to these two copping these B-Girl stances...


The show they had put together for me? Oh you know - just an old fashioned RAP BATTLE!


It got pretty intense too... with some in-your-face bravado...

Some wild hand and arm motions...

Some "Oh no you didn't!" responses...

Some "Bring it on, girl!" attitude...

and one of my favorite rhymes - that meron dropped.

After looking Mebbie up and down she said:

"Look at you... and what you're wearin'
You look just like a little Meron..."

It didn't stop Mebbie from dancing it out though!

It was like 8 Mile popped off in our basement... I LOVED IT.

We have a house rule when it comes to battle rapping though... it goes like this:

battle it out hard - to the very end,
but walk away sisters - and more importantly - friends.

And that they did...

Best show I've seen in a long time!

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