Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrate Good Times... Come On!

Kool and The Gang said it best when they said "We gonna celebrate and have a good time..."

And that's what today was - a celebration of Mebbie Day - the day our family grew in an amazing way!

Where'd we start?

Miniature Golf of course!

Mebbie was loving it!

As were her brother and sister - but how could you not when your backdrop includes those mountains!

Little Z-Dogg even scored a hole in one!

After that it was home - swimming for 3+ hours and then out to eat to do it up right for our girl...

Complete with her choice of dessert!

Mebbie - we LOVED celebrating with you!

This family is who we are because of the influence you have on us.

WE LOVE YOU GIRL and look forward to celebrating so many more of these with you!

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