Saturday, August 2, 2014

Great Neighbors

Yesterday - when I got home from the vet - Meron and Mebbie were outside playing with our neighbors.

When they saw me carrying Clay's leash and that was it - let's just say - things came undone quickly.

Wailing. Lots of wailing. And tears. Big ole tears.

After some inside family time - we headed back outside and who was there? Our neighbors Olivia and Noah - two of the kindest kids around.

They were hugging the girls, saying "we're so sorry for your loss..." and then...

then Olivia gave Meron her old pair of roller skates because she has some new ones on the way.

That's when the fun began...

Meron - looking like a roller derby professional - needed EVERYBODY'S help to stay upright!

It takes a village people!

Then I got to jump in and help out a little bit too...

I love helping these kids learn new things - mainly because I always learn new things in the process!

Finally - the rest of our crew (minus Z who was napping) jumped in to help out too.

And before long - Meron "TwinkleToes" Hoffman was owning those skates!

Neighbors. We had GREAT ones back in Atlanta and we have prayed hard about that as we came out West.

Tonight - you guys provided our family exactly what we needed - a diversion away from a pain that was owning our hearts.

Thanks guys... for just being awesome people.

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