Thursday, August 7, 2014

Holy Spirit Inside

6 years ago - when I sat down one night to rock my little baby girl to sleep - I started praying a prayer that I have prayed every single night since then and for all my children now...

"God - capture her heart. Pull her close to You Lord and send the Holy Spirit to invade her heart so that she may know You... and love You..."
Every single night.

Never knowing what fruition of that prayer may look like - I just prayed it relentlessly.

Tonight - Meron was defiant, rude and disrespectful at bedtime. That's okay... she's 6 and a half. But still - it was there.

I still did all the normal stuff, even offered her a piggy back ride down the steps - and she refused it - running down the steps into her bed. We prayed, I kissed them and tucked them in. As I pulled the door shut, I heard Meron crying.

The protective dad in me wanted to run back in and cradle her. I fought that. Instead - I slid to the ground outside her room and just leaned against the wall.

About 2 minutes later - the door opened... and she stood there - tears streaming down her face.

We sat there - me just holding her but looking right in her face... when she looked at me and said:
"I'm so sorry daddy... for treating you that way."
And for some reason - right then and there - I felt the Holy Spirit whisper:

"I'm in there. I'm in her heart."

I pulled her so close to me - told her I forgave her... But she was still so upset so I asked her if I could pray. She ALWAYS says yes to that.

With tears creeping down my face I felt prompted to pray in a way she had never heard me - thanking God so much for her, thanking Him for the Holy Spirit in her, for who she was for how incredible her heart and mind and spirit are...

Afterwards - she seemed so much more at peace - but she wanted to know why she had been so upset - why she felt that way. That's when I told her about my nightly prayer.

I told her that for over 6 years - every single night - I have been praying for God to send the Holy Spirit to captivate her heart... and that tonight - with her own decision to come out of that room and apologize - I felt like God had given me confirmation that He had done just that. And that upset feeling she had - that was the Holy Spirit prompting her, nudging her - letting her know what to do...

Big decisions. Big love from my girl.

After we had a healthy cry together - and I told her that I would NEVER, EVER, EVER love her any less from something she did or said - we headed back to bed - a whole different person.

Thank you God - for that moment with her tonight. It may be forgotten by her in the morning...

But it will stay with me forever.

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