Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Friends Are Gonna Eat!

Tonight - round these parts - we are all kinds of thankful.

We're crazy grateful.

We're incredibly humbled.

Ya know why? Cuz you guys did it - you funded the next FEED 'EM dinner and those 500+ kids and staff - people we call FRIENDS - at three different orphanages are gonna have some good food to celebrate with as they ring in the Ethiopian New Year next month.

In case you're new to our little spot on the web - Brighton Their World is our nonprofit organization that is focused on nutrition in Ethiopia. And one of our ongoing projects involves celebration dinners on New Years, Christmas and Easter for over 500 kids.

We don't talk about it a lot on here because we don't wanna be annoying - but we started fundraising a little late this year - and you guys are just crazy - because in 5 DAYS we were fully funded... and then some.

I can't tell you how pumped up I was to post this picture this morning:

Believe me - what you guys did - open up your wallets and give from your hearts - sometimes VERY sacrificially... man that act was not lost on us.

We cherish every penny given and we've prayed for every one of you. I know every single one of your names - the FEED 'EM campaigns are close to me - during the fundraising I carry a notebook with me and hand-write every name in it. You guys are prayed up.

Thank you simply doesn't seem enough for the big difference you guys are making.

So rather than babble on - how 'bout we just go feed those kids?

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Tymm said...

Hi Anna ~

Thank you for the kind words in your comment. My family is always open to critical feedback about us or what we do so I appreciate you taking the time to post the comment you did.

As a regular reader you're likely aware of my policy of not publishing comments that are critical in nature but set as anonymous with no way to respond to the commenter. This blog was never intended to become a public forum for debate around subjective opinions on topics.

That being said - I am happy to have a discussion with you regarding the things you said in your comment. You asked me to pray about them - I did (we do that a lot around here) - and I did not hear Him in your words. That doesn't mean I am closed to discussing it further with you - just not here on my family's blog.

Please feel free to use the address in the "Contact Us" section if you ever feel like you want to directly address me regarding something I post, something I say or something I do.

I would have contacted you privately - but you left no way for me to do that - and my experience in the past has been when people post things like you did - they tend to come back to see the response so I thought you might see this.

I look forward to discussing the things you took issue with as they are conversations I have had many times with many people.