Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paragon Night

Last week was "Paragon Night" at the girls school. What's that ya ask? Paragon is their curriculum's social studies classes - and they were doing a presentation for the school

Here's where it gets kinda nutty - Meron and Mebbie were chosen to represent their ENTIRE GRADE - not just their class but all of kindergarten and first grade - in a presentation from the stage.

They got to dress like what they were studying, design a poster and read tot he whole school...

Mebbie got to "Walk Like An Egyptian" since her grade was studying Ancient Egypt.

Meron got to rock a Kid Rock fur dress since her grade was studying the Stone Age.

Little Mebski Love - with all of her Minnie Mouse vocals - kicked the whole thing off. I was SO PROUD of her - she projected, read her piece into the mic and stayed calm!

Meron was next and was full of caveman swagger and confidence as she rocked out her reading as well!

Next they got to show us some of their handiwork...

As we visited their classes and heard about all they do during the day!

Of course they had to show off some of their artwork as well!

Love the puffs Mebbie!

Shortly afterwards - we walked back home - and as I watched my two little girls walking - I was competing with the sun with my beaming pride.

Girls - so incredibly proud of you guys - keep up the AMAZING work and hang in there Z-Dogg - your times coming!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stole My Focus

I was outside taking pictures of the ridiculously cool looking snow on Pike's Peak tonight...

when this little cutie slid in to my frame and stole my focus!

We don't need the shirt to tell us Meron...

Cuz yours lights up a room! (or a front porch in this case!)...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

His Awesome Handiwork

We set out to visit the newest park in the neighborhood today...

And God showed up and showed me some of His most incredible and creative work!

He showed me that rainbow too.

Love this crew!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Born To Be My Baby

For some reason - Meron was dead set on me holding her like I did when she was a baby.

So we swaddled her up and I held her in the same chair I used to feed her in right before her bedtime...

We even did a little pretend feeding...

And those of you who've been peeping these pictures from day one will know this one...

She even dropped some patented Meron "BIG EYES" on me!

For good measure - she threw a pretend fit... even though she never did that as a baby!

For as long as I am taking breaths - this girl will be my baby.

Ga ga goo goo Meron.


Friday, September 26, 2014

His Super Powers

This little stinker knows the power of his cuteness...

And he's not afraid to use it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

So... i figured I had been here long enough - and we're calling this place home - that it was time for me to head up a 14er.

For you non-rugged-mountain types out there - "14er" just means the summit of a mountain that is higher than 14,000 feet.

And for my first one - I was heading up the 5th highest one in Colorado. La Plata Peak - it sits at 14,336 feet.

Yep - for a brief moment last Saturday - i was the 5th highest dude in the state.

On the way in to the trail-head - we stopped here. The last thing resembling a restroom we'd see - and nobody wants to have that hit them above treeline... very little privacy up there!

Then we headed off-road...

And the Jeep handled it like a champ.

When we passed the old ghost town of Winfield - I knew we were off the beaten path...

We found us a nice cozy parking spot a little above 10,000 feet and started getting ready...

My trail guides were itching to go - Matthew and Smokey. Two of the best mountain climbers around.

The trail head sign wasn't the most helpful...

So we headed up the most beautiful trail we could find.

All along the way - the Aspen were going CRAZY!

Pretty soon - the views gave way to this!

With a soundtrack of this awesome creek running right along the trail...

I seriously couldn't stop taking pictures.

And that spot right there - THAT'S where we were heading.

We had to walk through some chest-deep willows...

But it was well worth it to see this!

Then I looked up - and realized where we were heading.

Those chest-deep willows? That's them WAY down there behind me.

You really start to realize how tiny you are out there!

And also how much you wish you had 4 legs like this guy!

The clouds were crazy close. I felt like I could lick 'em...

And my main man Smokey - he kept checking on me to make sure I was okay.

Finally - we were looking at the home stretch... 2 false summits and we'd be there!

Shortly before this - I heard the quote of the day as Matthew yelled out to Smokey:

"Don't eat dead pika!"
Pika are one of the few animals that live above tree line - and Smokey had found him a dead one.

The comment had caused me to laugh which caused me to run out of oxygen immediately...

And I ain't gonna lie - I was hurting.

Lack of oxygen and refusing to eat had this woolly mammoth feeling pretty weak!

But Matthew and Smokey just kept going... So I had no choice but to...


Lack of oxygen will make you do crazy, weird things.

Just ask this stranger we met at the top - who started feeding Smokey and was holding his head staring in to his eyes saying "I love you! I love you Smokey!"


Or my guide - who - while still needing to get me down - climbed his crazy butt out on a rock that was just hanging like 1,000 feet above the rocks...

There was a ridiculous view of an alpine lake...

And expansive eye candy that barely even looks real!

After about 30 minutes - we started the descent back down...

We came across this little wild guy - who was basically saying "Don't tell me where I can and can't grow!"

How does one find their way down a rocky field that looks the same no matter which way you look?

You spot the cairn - that's how!

I love hikers - they remind me of runners...

They build these cairns - or landmarks - to keep ya heading in the right direction...

This view here shows just how high we were - that arrow is pointing to the TOP of a trail we needed to be at!

And it was steep climbing (see also: sliding) the whole way...

And a storm was trying to sneak its way up on us...

But with our oxygen level gaining as we dropped - we were some hustling fools!

Soon - we were back down in to our little basin...

And back on to our gorgeous trails.

I mean seriously... does it get any cooler looking than this?

I'm not sure it does...

About 7 hours after we left it - we were back at the Jeep. Tired, hungry - but feeling like we accomplished something. La Plata Peak - you just got owned.

One 14 er down... 50-something more to go.

Thanks Matthew and Smokey - for dragging me along - I know I slowed ya down but I'll keep training!