Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Daddy Like You...

Meron's the only one in the house with her training wheels off - and lately we've taken to hopping on our bikes - me and her - and exploring some of the trails in the neighborhood.

It is easily some of the best minutes of my day!

Tonight - we caught a GORGEOUS sunset... and we got so caught up in our ride that we went too long and rode up to the house to find mommy standing out front, arms crossed, tapping her toes... ooops. That ten minutes turned into like 30+.

Sorry mommy!

As we rode up the last hill - towards the house - Meron looked at me while she was pedaling her little legs off - and said:

"I am so glad I have a daddy like you... one who will take his daughter on bike rides... because this is SO much fun daddy!"
Heart... melted.

Meron - I am so glad I have a daughter like you - one who wants to go ride bikes with her daddy.

Next up - we get those trainers off of Mebbie's bike and we POSSE UP!

Keep pedaling girl!

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