Monday, September 1, 2014

Balloon Classic

This weekend - while Granny was in town - we woke up early and joined thousands of our closest friends at the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic!

Apparently - a mass ascension of hot air balloons has been on Granny's bucket list for a long time... as well it should be!

Watching those things blow up was pretty darn cool!

Almost as cool as all of them rising up in the air!

Pretty soon the sky was dotted with balloons all around us.

Little Z-Dogg wasn't sure what to make of any of it...

As his eyes darted from dot to dot in the sky.

There were all kinds of balloons there too. traditional ones. Ones with gigantic elephant noses...

And even a gigantic and terrifying jester head looking down on us...

And there was Granny's favorite - the daffodils with the leaves actually hanging off the balloon!

Even though we had to get up at 5:15 AM to get a good parking spot and catch the cool views... we're super glad we did. Apparently the organizers and the city can't come to an agreement and this will be the last year for this cool event after something like 40 years!

Glad we made it!

Granny - cross it off the bucket list!

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