Friday, September 5, 2014

Bucket Filler of the Week

A certain somebody won the "Bucket Filler of the Week" award last week at school!

This means that she filled people's buckets up more than anybody else - with kindness, nice words and encouragement.

She was pumped - and for good reason!

The student who wins this gets this poster to bring home that they color and fill out and then take back to class to present to the students - and it's all about them!

I was excited she asked for me to help her on it - and I LOVED some of the stuff she wrote on it... stuff like this:

Yes! Yes you are Meron!

And this... never forgetting to include her brother Brighton!

And then this - which spawned some cool discussions and she got to show her whole class where Africa was and where Ethiopia was.

Meron - mommy and daddy are super proud of you girl!

Keep filling buckets sweetie... even if it means emptying your own!

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