Saturday, September 6, 2014

Go Buy A Cow!

After the 437th time of being asked for "Milk Daddy. MILK DADDY!!!" during my 12-second walk to the kitchen this morning...

I jokingly turned to Zechie and said:

"Go buy a cow!"
Apparently - he was super offended - because as I turned back around I noticed he wasn't with me any more.

And that shot up there is where I found him - tucked in a tornado position!

He was either praying for the funds to go buy a cow... or he was pouting because his insatiable thirst for milk was not immediately quenched!

If ya look close - his little cheeks are fighting off a smile!

Not to worry folks - he got his milk.

And we got a new running joke...

Z-Dogg... GO BUY A COW!

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